Essential Roles

As you grow you will need to take on more people to help with the growing demand, but there are some roles which will be essential from the very start of production.

Below you can find a list of the essential positions you’ll need to fill:

  • Core members
    • 2-4 individuals to oversee the whole organisation
    • A good knowledge of 3D printing between them
    • General management as well as being involved at every stage of production
  • Logistics team
    • 1-2 people who will be in charge of overseeing collection requests (makers needing their printed parts collected), and delivery orders, and assigning them to volunteer drivers
  • Applications manager
    • Someone monitoring and responding to volunteer and maker applications. They will need to ensure applicants live close enough to help, have the required knowledge and equipment, and can set them up with the details and resources they need to start helping
  • Orders management
    • 1-2 people monitoring all the PPE requests coming through.
    • They will need to respond to requests, letting them know how many units they will be able to supply (you won’t always be able to meet the requested amount), and if they are not within your catchment area, direct them to other services who may be able to help.
  • Web development
    • Someone who can build and maintain the websites
  • Social media management
    • This can be a team effort between the core team or you can have someone who’s just managing the Facebook and Twitter pages
  • General contact
    • You’ll need someone who will be the first person people will contact who want to get in touch. They will manage the general email and contact form on the website
  • Factory Volunteers
    • Please refer to the factory workflow page and gauge how many people you will require for each role.